10 Things I Saw Today: Day-to-Day Simple Blessings

As I reflect and select ten images to represent “today,” I realize that it’s the day-to-day simplicity that I wish to share the most in this series. Little blessings make a full heart, and I want to be thankful for these small things everyday.

i. succulent plant

Succulents are ranked high among my favorite plants. This was given to me and now sits by my window in the office. The succulent, along with the sunshine, greets me first thing in the morning at work. It brightens my day. Besides, succulents are low-maintenance and pretty.

Caffeine. I don’t rely on it, but I like both coffee and tea. Do you intake caffeine regularly?

As I pass through the colorfully decorated lobby, I am welcomed by my wonderful receptionist colleagues.

This is how I like my lunch on days when I don’t bring something from home. I love munching on the fresh organic salad (with no dressing). Thank you, SF cafe!

A hand-blown vase, crafted and given by a friend for my 23rd birthday. It’s usually sitting on my desk filled with fresh flowers. The thoughtful gift (vase) and the weekly fresh flowers are just few of the ways that I am incredibly spoiled by my loved ones. This photo of the vase and pollen is chosen to give a different perspective from the “typical” flower glamour shots.

We try to take a 10-minute walk in the afternoon to get some air and sun. It’s refreshing and clears my mind after sitting in front of the computer for so long. We get something to drink from the cafe or walk to Trader Joe’s across the street.

We like Japanese cuisine (mentioned here and here). I get my noodle fix (udon in the photo) and NP the sushi fix for dinner sometimes from one of our regular spots.

I joke that music is my second job and life, but really, I love it — playing the piano, studying, and learning.

Students come in and out of the entrance at the conservatory. The guards know me by now because I go there several nights per week for studio class, recitals, or lessons.

I practice at home or attend studio class and lessons at the conservatory. The photo shows my teacher’s studio, where my studio mates and I spend many Wednesday nights listening, playing, and giving feedback until the school closes.

What are your day-to-day simple blessings?

Photos taken with iPhone 4 and processed via Instagram.


  1. Natasia says:

    Isabelle, We can tell through your photos how positive and happy you are in nature. It’s lovely to see little snippets of your life in SF – I predict we’d be doing a lot more coffee/lunch dates if I were there!

    • Isabelle says:


      I agree, we’d be doing a lot more coffee/brunch/lunch dates! Looking forward to your next visit (or… perhaps the next meetup in Beijing). :)

      P.S. WordPress got a little weird and posted your comment under “A Beautiful Kurodai Encounter” so I fixed it on wp.

  2. Miki says:

    Every day, I do not take caffeine for granted. :) Thanks for reminding to stop and appreciate the little things.

  3. Carlin says:

    Beautiful collection with a warm glow to each… thank you for sharing, Isabelle. Seeing how you’ve taken each picture and weaved them together into a story is meaningful to me. Thank you for reminding me how it is the small things that make a big difference in life; behind every corner, there is an opportunity for us to smile and be thankful :) You’ve inspired me to kick my butt into order and finally start my photo blog (after sorting through the piles).

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