10 Things I Saw Today: Prague

(Or, more accurately, 10 things I saw this weekend…)

Everyone says it, but Prague is a beautiful city. It’s not hype. After living here for almost one year, the magic hasn’t worn off. Even expats who’ve lived here for upwards of 10 years will tell you that they still sigh when they ride the tram across the Vltava River and catch a glimpse of the castle and Charles Bridge. There’s really nothing else like it.

As I’ve gotten to know the city better, however, I’ve been lucky enough to find its hidden gems and curiosities as well. Getaways off the beaten path, new vantage points overlooking the city, windows into everyday life of the city…

Follow me as I go about my weekend wanderings in the Golden City.

10 things

1. I live across from the National Museum. This is what I see every morning when I leave my apartment.

National Museum

2. A stop at the riverside farmers’ market to buy fresh vegetables and herbs. The rain and overcast skies didn’t discourage people from queueing up to buy seasonal produce.

Farmers' Market

3. In Prague, it’s not entirely uncommon to find a bridal store located across the street from an erotica shop.


4. Prague, with its notoriously grey and gloomy winters, has taught me not to take the sun for granted. Even though spring can be absolutely lovely, the weather is subject to drastic, unpredictable changes. That’s why blue skies always bring a smile to my face.

Blue sky

5. Prague has a punctual and expansive public transportation system with a metro, trams, and buses. The metro station platforms have really cool geometric walls.


6. The I.P Pavlova metro station is named after the Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. He’s the guy who first described classical conditioning after studying dogs. There’s a clever painting in the station that pays homage to Pavlov and his famous test subjects.


7. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a big fan of public transportation. Prague’s red-and-cream trams are a charming and efficient way to get around the city. I love hearing the metallic sigh of trams speeding down their metal tracks.


8. Luka Lu is among my favorite Prague restaurants. It’s a Croatian restaurant with delightfully eclectic decor and delicious lava-grilled seafood.

luka lu

9. That famous view of the castle from Legií bridge. It still hasn’t gotten old. I always crane my neck while riding the No. 22 tram to catch this glimpse of Prague’s most famous landmark.

prague castle

10. The inside of the National Theatre. I saw a modern production of Antonín Dvořák’s opera Rusalka. The music is so beautiful that it always gives me chills; watching the performance in an environment this exquisite only enhances the experience.

narodni divadlo

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