2013: Feel.Be.Act.

Though we rang in the new year almost two weeks ago now, the topic of new beginnings, fresh starts, and transitions has been replaying in my mind. Last year was particularly eventful for me and brought with it with almost every type of change you can think of (besides an actual physical move). I experienced travel adventures, lifestyle changes, a major weight loss, and a whole new focus on improving my physical and mental health. I took on giant projects, an overwhelming job-search (ending in a great new job!), and faced my fears to make a bunch of new friends  in this city and many others.

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This is the season for endless resolutions and a focus on new new new and better better better!  At times for me, it can seem like DC’s highly goal-oriented culture can push me to move along to the next action item in my list without pausing to be happy with what I’ve already done. I have done so much hard work in the last year that I don’t want to get caught up in the “what’s next?” cycle and fail to be happy in the present!

In this mindset, I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Modish. One post of hers in particular caught my eye in the past two weeks and I am officially stealing her motto for 2013: FEEL.BE.ACT. She says:

I’m focusing less on the things I want for my life, and more on how I want to FEEL.

I’m focusing less on what I want to do up ahead, and more on who I want to BE.

I’m tired of hoping for someday, and am ready to ACT on today.

In the spirit of letting go a bit, this post is me committing to trusting the universe a little more. If I’m focusing more on how I want to feel and who I want to be in the coming year- the exact action steps I take to get there won’t matter so much. For example, I won’t need to beat myself up for losing motivation for a particular resolution or promise, but remember how I want to feel and know that I’m heading in the right direction. Ok, here’s mine:

This year, I want to FEEL: engaged, confident, challenged, and creative.

I want to BE: mindful- in my actions and my relationships, courageous, healthy and focused.

These intentions may play out in many different ways– for example, putting away my phone more often may lead me to feel more engaged with my surroundings and those people around me. Taking on new work and new social endeavors may give me a challenge and help me be more courageous in the moment. So many small action items I’ve been writing down can be captured in these Feel.Be.Act intentions- and I can’t wait to see where they lead me this year.

So, I’ll leave you with the same question Miss Modish left me:

How do you want to feel in 2013? What kind of person do you want to be?



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