23 1/2 Hours Challenge

How often do you think about your health?  If it’s every day, I applaud you (hurray!), and would love to hang out sometime.

For the rest of us, I bet I can guess …  your birthday, New Years, bathing suit season, and sporadically throughout the year when you get inspired or go jeans shopping.  If you don’t have consistent, healthy habits of eating right and exercising, smile and take a deep breath, because I have a new idea to share with you.

23 1/2 hours of Sleeping or Sitting, the rest is all for you!

Take in a zen moment with yoga outside.

Ideas are powerful.  Our perceptions and considerations shape our thinking and the way we interact with the world.   They can drive us forward or halt us in our tracks. Sometimes we’re not even aware of it.  Think “bad habits are hard to break”?  Ideas push us into action (or inaction) and sometimes that one simple little thought can be incredibly difficult to change.

How about “I don’t have enough time”?

Allow me to introduce Mike Evans and his lecture, entitled “23 ½ hours”.     Mike Evans sounds like our friendly neighborhood doctor, the one who knew you since you were small, who has kindly reminded you all your life, and now is giving it one more go, but from a slightly different perspective.

His focal point of the lecture comes down to “could you try limiting your sitting and sleeping to just 23 ½ hours a day?”

Well, when you put it like that…

Through cartoon visuals drawn on a whiteboard, he casually teases you along with a story about a seemingly magical treatment that can do amazing things for your health… reduce the risk of heart disease, increase your life expectancy, improve your mood!  And at the end, the answer is exactly what you knew it would be.  Exercise.

By not qualifying the type or intensity of the exercise, he makes the idea approachable.  It’s just thirty minutes of the day.  That’s all.  And even if it’s only four times a week that you can dedicate that time, you will do a significant benefit for your long-term health.

So stand up and stretch, shake out your legs and reach for the ceiling, it’s just 30 minutes and you can always break it up throughout the day.  Find the small choices you can make to get that time in; take the stairs instead of the elevator, do leg lifts and sit ups while watching tv, take a little walk after dinner, and while you’re at it, grab a friend or your partner to come with you.

23 ½ hours of sitting and sleeping, every day… sounds like plenty of time to me, how about you?


Photo credit: Lululemon Athletica, the Wunder Groove Crop


  1. Justine says:

    I recently started yoga and I’m sore everywhere, but I can feel I’m getting better, bit by bit. Thanks for sharing the video!

    • Natasia says:

      Totally a good workout though… I used to practice regularly and went on a “break” for too long to mention. When I picked it back up again, my first lesson was incredibly painful!

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