A Beautiful Kurodai Encounter

I realize that I have a track record of talking about food, specifically Japanese food, but I can’t help it. Prior to my move back to SF Bay, I had been on an unintentional break from Japanese restaurants because I’d just returned from living in Tokyo and felt that I kept getting disappointed with Japanese food wherever I went in the states (even the ones I used to like.) Thankfully, encouraged by the abundance of ethnic restaurant choice available here in the Bay Area, I resumed the search for my regular Japanese cuisine cravings.

Sushi Raw was our choice of restaurant on one Sunday evening when we felt like getting something light, somewhere close by. I was in the mood for udon, and NP — sushi of course.

He gave in to the kurodai (black snapper) special in addition to a couple of rolls. The kurodai was served when I was drinking the soup in my udon, and of course I had to take out my camera and take photos. Check out the plate presentation:

It was the prettiest sushi and sashimi plate I have ever seen. It certainly drew a few envious looks from our fellow diners. Here I was, in the mood for warm food, but even I could not help but try the sashimi and sushi on this beautiful plate. The fish was buttery with a slight hint of lemon juice. It did not need soy sauce or wasabi and was absolutely delicious. I had to stop myself so I didn’t gobble up NP’s dinner.

The kurodai special alone was worth the visit to Sushi Raw. If you are in the area and like sushi and sashimi, be sure to stop by!

Have you had such encounters with food? What is the prettiest dish you have had?

Sushi Raw
1789 El Camino Real  San Bruno, CA 94066
(650) 872-2218


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