Alamere Falls

For those of you not aware, San Francisco experienced it’s first week of weather over 80 degrees this year. As necessitated by the rare summer weather we packed a picnic and headed out on a hike to Alamere Falls.


Alamere Falls is located an hour north of San Francisco just passed Stinson Beach. The hike was recommended to me by two coworkers who knew what they were talking about.  A ten mile roundtrip hike, it is just long enough in distance to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something by finishing.


The beauty of this hike lies in its diversity. It winds through the hills of Marin past two pristine lakes and ends at, as the name suggests, waterfalls. The hike is mellow enough that it’s a manageable hike for casual hikers and long enough to satisfy more experienced hikers. We loved the changing scenery, splashing in the waterfalls, and having a beautiful location to enjoy our picnic.


Alamere Falls

Palomarin Trail Head, Coast Trail, CA








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