I love Japan, quirks and all

I’ve just very recently returned from a trip to Tokyo, Japan. My older brother had been living there for nearly a decade and was finally moving back to the states. We treated the trip as his last hurrah, and my last opportunity to visit the buzzing and vibrant island with a free tour guide and … [Read more...]

Sayonara Tokyo

I’m writing this from the passenger seat of a rental van, on my way to Akita in northern Japan. This is the final stretch in the country move marathon: take worldly possessions to parent’s house. After a week of farewells and family time, I’ll be gone. It’s strange to think that 2 years have passed … [Read more...]

Yoshi’s Big Bang Chicken

Meet Yoshi, a Japanese punk rock barista. He also happens to be my husband. And a fantastic cook. For this post I interviewed him about cooking and one of his classic dishes—Yoshi’s Big Bang Chicken. So, Yosh, what do you like about cooking? Whatever you do there is always reason and it’s science. And feeling … [Read more...]