A few months ago I moved into a new neighborhood. True, it was only a mile from my previous apartment, but in San Francisco, a mile can span multiple neighborhoods. As moving to any new neighborhood requires, I have begun eating my way through all of the restaurants around. A few weeks ago we found ourselves out of work and home before 6pm (something that never happens) so we trolled for a decent happy hour. During the search we stumbled across Chapeau!’s early bird special. A three-course pre fixed dinner for under $40? Yes please.

We made reservations, a must to get a table during their 5-6pm early bird window, and were pleasantly surprised with the pre fixed menu options. While we tried to order different food so we could try as much as possible, neither one of us could resist the salmon trio, a lovely combination of, you guessed it, salmon, caviar, and hardboiled egg. It was delicious both in appearance and taste. While we both loved the flavors, the next time we go we will be trying a slightly less salty dish.


We had more success in ordering different main entrees. I had the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin after hearing rave reviews about it and my better half had the duck breast. While the duck breast was moist and in a deliciously rich sauce, the pork tenderloin came out on top. The tenderloin was divine. It was moist, the bacon was crisp, and the sauce left me wanting to lick the plate. I ate so much that I thought there was no possible way I could eat another bite. Then came dessert.


I have to admit that I have what may be the world’s largest sweet tooth. In my mind the ideal world would always serve dessert before dinner and would take a cake break at 3pm every day. So it should come as no surprise that I thought the dessert was the best part of dinner. Being at a French restaurant, I knew I would be doing myself a disservice by not ordering the crème brulee and I was not disappointed. While I happen to love incredibly sweet foods, my boyfriend found it slightly over the top and enjoyed his French toast with hazelnut ice cream choice.


Chapeau! was an all around delicious experience. I recommend that the next time you find yourself in San Francisco without something to do in the early evening you make a reservation at Chapeau! to enjoy a wonderful meal.


126 Clement Street, San Francisco


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