Fifteen Pizza at Danshui

In order to get a dose of ocean in Taipei, you would have to visit Danshui, which is around 20 metro stops away from the city center. There are always tons of people there especially on weekends, walking along the riverbank or enjoying local foods on the old street. It’s a beautiful dating spot, a great place to take your family or walk your dog, and you can also get your portrait drawn by artists within thirty minutes. There are a variety of shops here, ranging from restaurants to furniture stores, and confectioneries to bookstores. The most interesting type here is the “Reminiscent Shops”, which sell vintage Taiwanese toys, appliances, and arts and crafts. Spend five minutes in the store and you will be indulged by your childhood memories.

The most beautiful time of day is sunset, when the sun turns glistening orange above the water. Perhaps then you would consider the option of taking the ferry across the river to Bali, where you can enjoy a nice meal on the bank listening to live music.

photo 3

But if you’re a local like me, who’s a little sick of waiting in line for the ferry behind crying children, and is a little tired of cramming at local vendors, then the newly opened mall might seem more appealing.

Meito, the new mall built right across from the MRT station, is quite small with not a lot of interesting stores. The escalator stops after the 6th floor, and you have to walk the stairs from there on to the 10th, which is weird. The advantage of this mall is the attached underground parking lot, which is useful on crowded days. Also, there are scenic restaurants from the 6th floor up, which overlooks the entire stretch of river without the hassle of people. Pizza 15, one of my favorite pizza places in Taipei, is located on the 6th floor. Their new branch here is spacious, and the pizza always, is great.

photo 5

White truffle Mushroom 8″ pizza

photo 1

Farmer style pizza (which is a fennel and pork pizza)

photo 1

Strawberry with Mascarpone Pancake

photo 2

The biggest tip I would give if you’re heading to this place is, save your stomach some room! I stuffed myself way too quickly from the pizza, but there are tons of local food here that is extremely   hard to refuse.


  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for linking to the Bali district Wikipedia page. I actually wondered how long that ferry ride would be to the other Bali that I was thinking about…

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