From Lyon, France’s Gastronomical Capital

Everyone visits Paris, dreams of southern France but the quaint city of Lyon is often over looked by travelers.  Lyon is located in east central France and is the second largest city after Paris.  France is internationally renowned for it’s cuisine and I didn’t truly understand why until I had a taste of Lyon.  In fact, this city of only 720,000 is considered the capital of gastronomy of France.  The residents, the Lyonniase take great pride and joy in this status and work hard to maintain it. And it shows.

Here’s my foodie’s guide to Lyon:

Sunday’s farmer’s market along the Saône riverarrive by 9am to beat the crowds and to see the best of all the fresh produce.

upload lyon30

upload lyon35

Serve fresh with salted butter

upload lyon32

Have you ever seen such beautiful artichokes?

Halles de Lyon, Paul Bocuse – If heaven had a market, this what it would look like

upload lyon1

Bacon laced chicken anyone? How about a pretty feather?

upload lyon4

The skill and art of butchery at its finest

upload lyon6

Cheese in all shapes sizes and colors

upload lyon14

Patisseries – besides it’s incredible cuisine, Lyon also is the home to the infamous macaroon.  Must visit patisseries include, Bernachon and Chocolatier Bouillet.  Bernachon displays the finest of traditional sweets.  Sebastian Bouillet is Willy Wonka but unfortunately without the oompa loompas.

upload lyon48

upload lyon40

Tartes aux pralines roses – is another specialty of Lyon made with a buttery sable crust topped with sweet caramelized almonds


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