Happy 2015, A Recap

A little late, but happy 2015! I try to take the first couple of weeks in January every year to reflect on the past year and firm new goals for the year. As of adventures, I thought it would be fitting to recap my travels from last year!


J and I took our quarterly getaway to Carmel, where we enjoyed a lovely stay at Hofsas. We loved the staff’s choice of cheese and wine selection, so much that we inquired about the cheese shop and visited it! Being only a walking distance away from downtown Carmel, we took walks and visited art galleries, bakeries, and tasting rooms. The city of Carmel closes down pretty early, but I honestly enjoyed the stroll in the evening when everything started to quiet down! 


Following Carmel, we visited Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley. I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore this beautiful vineyard – experiencing my first barrel tasting, meeting new friends, and sharing stories over food and wine.


J and I visited San Diego to attend a concert, in memory of a dear friend. It was beautiful for friends and families to gather and celebrate his life, which was renowned for and dedicated to music. Throughout 2014, I grieved the loss of my friend, teacher, and mentor. I regularly thought about the impact he had on me (in fact, it’s nearly impossible not to when any violin piece is played from chamber music or classical stations). I am thankful for the privilege to have performed concerts alongside with and that my life was deeply touched by him. I remind myself to not wait to spend time with my loved ones. 


Best wedding of the year in Anaheim! I loved all the details and personal touches to the wedding, from the Q&A about the couple over the last 10 years of their relationship to a talented band formed by friends and family. I may or may not have cried.


The start of my ever-more-frequent travels to San Diego. Flying every other week is noticeably more exhausting. However, every time I visited San Diego, I loved the weather and beautiful scenery. I had a quick trip to Broomfield at the end of the month after my 48 hours in Los Angeles


J and I visited amazingly beautiful Crater Lake with family. I have been there twice, but I can’t get tired of it! It truly puts me in awe about the intricate and grand creation around us. I also had a major melt down in San Diego and called J in the hotel. I will spare you all for the details, but this San Diego trip was quite a turning point of my 2014.


I visited Sonoma with J as our early anniversary celebration. We enjoyed spa and wine tasting all around. 


I returned to Beijing again after 2 years, with a different purpose this time. Beijing changed a lot on the first glance, with many new developments. I had the opportunity to visit the Lakeside Great Wall at the end of it. 


image (2)ie_dec14
J and I took 2 weeks to visit Taiwan. We spent the first week in Taipei, and joined a tour around the island during the second week. The food was amazing, and I felt like I re-learned about my culture and the people in Taiwan. There is so much hope and love! Favorites were hot springs, beef noodle soup, xiao long bao, and high mountain tea. 


After Taiwan, we headed to Beijing for one week. It was cold and dry. We got to visit the beautiful Mutianyu section of Great Wall at the end (and ate Din Tai Fung just so we could say we had it in 3 countries.) 


What were your favorite travel destinations in 2014, and where are you going this year? Share with us in the comments. Here’s to 2015!


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