Harley Farms

People often think of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley as two fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and technology-driven hubs. Did you know there are world-class farms within an hour’s drive away? I sure didn’t. Harley Farms is located in Pescadero, a coastal city about forty-six miles south of San Francisco (or west of the Silicon Valley). The farm specializes in goat dairy – in other words, it’s heaven for goat cheese lovers.

A colleague showed us a Russian article about Harley Farms and recommended that we visit. It didn’t take long before NP and I loaded our picnic basket with bread, fruits, and wine and headed there.

Aside from the goat farm, Harley Farms also has a garden where they grow their edible flowers and herbs (used in the goat cheese). Cute, isn’t it?

We proceed to the shop and quickly got lost in the large variety of goat cheeses, fresh duck and chicken eggs, olive oils, ceramics, books, etc. The best part – you get to sample each type of cheese before making the difficult purchase decision.

Above the shop, there is a rustic dining room for private events. Harley Farms partners with other local farms and prepares meals that emphasizes in fresh, locally-grown ingredients.

We left with bags of cheeses and drove off to have our picnic at the beach. It was quite lovely.

Are there farms near your cities? Tell us about them. :-)

Harley Farms
205 North Street 
Pescadero, CA 94060 


  1. Howie says:

    Looks like a cool place. Will definitely check it out. Love the pictures Isabelle took. Here’s also a pretty cool farm in Fremont called Ardenwood Farm.

    • Isabelle says:

      Thanks Howie. Let us know if you end up visiting it! It’s such a cute place. =) I’ll have to check out Ardenwood Farm – I’ve heard about it for a while now.

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