Hong Kong’s Street Snacks Series – Egg Waffles

One of the best things about Hong Kong is the large variety of food one can access everyday.  From top tier, Michelin rated restaurants to street stalls, fooding around town is probably the top activities on weekends. Growing up in Causeway Bay area, I recall my fond childhood memories of yummy street foods, including “tempura green pepper and eggplant with fish”, stinky tofu, fish balls, snake soup, and my personal favorite, egg waffles.

Recently, in a chance encounter near the office, I rediscovered egg waffles. Packed in a small paper wrap and usually comes with 30 puffs, egg waffles was first originated in Hong Kong because some grocery storekeepers wanted to use up broken eggs.  Adding in sugar, flour, condensed milk, the first generation of egg waffles were heated using charcoal, which was eventually replaced by the more cost-effective electric grills.  Crispy outside and soft inside, egg waffles make a nice snack be it a wintry evening or a mid summer afternoon.

Today, we can find different flavors of egg waffles, more commonly seen including chocolate (my second favorite after original), coconut, sesame and even wasabi.  Here are some of the awesome waffle-stalls around town; enjoy and be sure to eat it quickly while it’s hot!

Tai O Charcoal grilled Egg Waffles (Kat Hing Bak Street, Tai O. Take New Lantau Bus #1 from Mui Wo)

The owner, whose signature image is his sunglasses, is a good enough reason to visit the stall.  In addition, it is one of the few egg waffles stalls that still use charcoal, more flavorful and thicker than the ones made with electric grills.

North Point Egg Waffles  (492 King’s Road, North Point. Tel: 852 2590 9726. Closest MTR Stop: North Point)

This egg waffle joint is easily recognized not by logo or a catchy name, but by the full wall of celebrity photos and press interviews it received over the years.  Indeed, not a lot of people can recall its name (“Super Hot Gang” in Cantonese) and merely refer it as North Point Egg Waffles.  Known for its slightly thicker texture and the ultra hot (freshly delivered), its worth a try whether you work around the ‘hood (like myself), or looking for a food adventure on your weekend.

Anonymous Uncle’s Egg Waffles (Tai Hang near Causeway Bay. Closest MTR Stop: Causeway Bay)

This 70-year-old man has won the love of Tai Hang’s neighbors and many Hong Kong locals.  In April last year, the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department threatened to shut down his operations due to lack of license.  Recently returned to his favorite spot, he is known for being persistent in making a living without taking social subsidy.  His waffles are famous for its strong charcoal flavor and taste of egg (instead of milk), long time customers can attest to the consistent, high quality that leaves you wanting more.




Photo Credit: openrice.com


  1. Natasia says:

    Egg waffles have surprisingly complex texture. Their crunch outside paired with their gooey fluffy inside make for a really nice snack to share. Thanks for the local tips! I can’t wait to try the “real” stuff next time.

  2. May says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! You should also try the egg waffles with chocolate chips at Mammy Pancake in Hung Hom!

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