I Left My Heart at Lanikai Beach

I’ve been in San Francisco for the past week, and will be for the next month. My reason for this temporary displacement is work related, and I’m making the best of my short tryst with city life. After all, it has been almost three years since I left New York, and there’s much to rekindle.

But for my own sanity, I will continue to write about the glorious charms of Hawai’i. My mind needs to go to a happy place when I’m having Muni problems or when I’m trekking uphill to get home on a very chilly night. I have not had to wear this many layers of clothing in a long time.

So I soothe myself with memories of Lanikai Beach, the most serene and idyllic beach I’ve ever set foot upon. It’s hard to believe that this water is the Pacific Ocean. It is so incredibly still.


Lanikai Beach is basically the perfect beach for anyone who wants to wind down and relax without paying the private resort price tag–a rare commodity anywhere in the world.

My boyfriend and I like to come here prepared with food, since we would spend quite a bit of time just laying and eventually build up our appetite. A great spot to grab a takeaway lunch is at Kalapawai Cafe & Deli in Kailua. If you ever forget the name, which if you’re me would be all the time, just simply ask any local where that green shack cafe is. It’s kind of a major landmark around town.

There are plenty of other things to do in Kailua. There is a great hiking trail there that I’ve never tried, because every time I make plans to hike it I would just see the ocean and forget all about it. You could rent paddle boards, surf boards, kayaks–anything you wish, really–at Kailua Beach, but if you don’t have a car, it might be annoying to transport your rented gear to Lanikai Beach. People certainly have done it though, so don’t let that stop you from being active on your beach day!

As with any other beach day, come prepared: beach towel, sunblock, sunglasses, and a good book. And yes, a little bit of dozing off should be in your agenda. There’s a reason why Lanikai Beach is one of the best beaches in the world, so find it for yourself.

Lanikai Beach
Mokulua Dr
Kailua, HI 96734

Lanikai Beach is just past Kailua Beach. Take Kawailo Rd to Aalapapa Drive. Aalapapa and Mokulua make a large one way loop that encompass Lanikai. Aalapapa leads into Lanikai and Mokulua leads out. To get to Lanikai Beach find parking along Mokulua or one of its many side streets (please be considerate as you are parking in front of people’s homes). There are many public access points to the beach.


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