Intro to the “10 Things I Saw Today” Series

This week on Herb & Lace, we’ll share with you ten things we encounter as we venture around our respective cities. There’ll be a variety of imagery, capturing sights that may inspire, surprise or delight us, and then some that merely present details in our routine.

As a global community of creative and passionate ladies, we’re excited to share with you and each other this series for this week. Perhaps, despite our differing postal addresses, there will be a thread of similarity between our daily experiences. For instance, we may understand how riding to work feels in a number of different contexts. If we’re lucky, we’ll glimpse vegetation or buildings distinct to certain areas, or that interesting character we happen upon in our respective coffee hang.

When we look to the sky for indications about how to dress this week, we may capture it and invite you to compare it with your situation. It’s a little bit magical, that we are all so connected despite being so far away from each other. So please, join us and take a look through our eyes for one week. We hope you enjoy it.

The first thing I saw when I woke up...


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