Jazz on the Vltava

Prague has a thriving jazz scene, and so there is no shortage of jazz clubs in the city. While some are undoubtedly tourist traps, there are plenty of fantastic venues that provide a memorable backdrop for enjoying some of the best that Czech and international musicians have to offer. Prague’s jazz clubs range from stylish, swanky affairs to cozy underground caverns. One of my favorite venues, however, is a placed called Jazz Dock.

Gospel Limited at Jazz Dock

Gospel Limited performing at Jazz Dock

One of Jazz Dock’s greatest appeals is that it is situated right on the Vltava, the river that runs through Prague. There is something truly romantic about a city that is traversed by a river, and this magic suffuses the club. At night, the twinkle of city lights reflects on the water and shines through the club’s broad windows. Boats regularly float by at eye level. It’s an intimate place with evocative lighting and sleek, modern design.

Domaine de Canton

Jazz Dock brings in a range of artists from around the world playing everything from Dixie to Afro-Cuban to good ol’ funk. Last weekend, I stopped by to see my friend’s gospel choir, Gospel Limited, perform a rousing set.

In addition to great music, Jazz Dock also serves up some tasty dishes and stocks an impressive bar. In fact, it was there that I discovered Domaine de Canton, a French ginger liqueur. It has a smooth flavor, sweet but not too sweet and slightly reminiscent of carmelized ginger. Served on ice, it’s the perfect drink to nurse while watching a show.



Jazz Dock

Janáčkovo nábřeží 2 (on the river bank), Prague 5 – Smíchov, Metro Anděl (B)

+420 774 058 838,  www.jazzdock.cz

$15-$20 per person for a show and a cocktail

Read the New York Times review


*Photos by Fred Schendel

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