1. Oooo great post Crystal. I love food trucks! There used to be a similar fusion taco truck in San Diego called Kalbiq (https://twitter.com/kalbiq), and the line would be so long on Taco Tuesdays! Looks like it isn’t active at the moment though, too bad.

    Fortunately, the food truck culture is getting bigger in SF bay as well – there is “Off the grid” around the bay area (for those who may be interested, check http://offthegridsf.com).

    Looking forward to more posts. :)

  2. Evelyn

    I’ve had the Grilled Cheese Truck! Like a desert mirage, I stumbled out from a 15 hour workday and found it right there on the corner. I immediately started blowing up my coworkers’ phones that THE GRILLED CHEESE TRUCK WAS OUTSIDE. Then, around a mouthful of grilled cheese, I shamelessly begged the truck to come back anytime. Sadly, it never returned… the food truck that got away (can’t say that about a restaurant, eh?).

    • crystal

      its elusiveness is part of its appeal, huh? let’s cross our fingers for our favorite trucks to start setting up permanent shops. :)

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