Seattle Underground Tour: Dark and Delightful

Did you know the modern Seattle is a city built on top of another city (the old Seattle)? Seattle used to be made of wooden buildings, but on June 6, 1889, a cabinetmaker accidentally overturned and ignited a glue pot, creating the Great Seattle Fire that destroyed 31 blocks. No one died in the fire and the city leaders decided to rebuild Seattle  with all new either stone or brick buildings and regrade the streets one to two stories higher than the original street grade. What to know why and more? I recommend you take the Seattle Underground Tour.

One of those tourist “traps,” Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour gets you underground into the passages and tunnels of old 19th century Seattle. The tour comes with some amazing historical insights and some interesting scents (you’re underground and its “rainy” Seattle – musty anyone?). It’s discounted if you have a student ID and tours are very frequent (every hour) so just head on down to Pioneer Square to hop on the tour. My favorite joke of the tour was, “This map is in Seattle’s favorite colors: grey and light grey.” Absolutely the perfect tour for history buffs, the underground tour is a sure delight. I did want to take a nice hot shower immediately afterwards though.

There is also a darker version of the tour for the 21+ crowd which covers the red-light district.

Here are some sneak peak underground photos: u2

Directional arrows to tell you where you are.


An old door to what was a bank


Look up! There are people on top of you.



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