Single for Valentine’s Day? It’s not the end of the world.

Going through a breakup hurts.  I thought getting through the holidays was agonizing enough but then here you are February, with Valentine’s Day.  It’s more than a stark reminder that I’m alone, more than the stereotypical division between couples and singles; I used to love this holiday.  Forget flowers or chocolates, all I needed were silly romantic moments with the man I loved; this was a day to celebrate each other.  And it’s over, done, fiat.

So, what’s a lady to do now?  Stop crying for one.  And for second…

Friends and More Friends
Friends are your solace, your comfort, your sanity.  Cherish the moments; let your laughter be loud and your smiles be bright.  Your friends will be the ones who will drag you on the dance floor, tempt you with a shot of something dangerous, be that amazing wingman, and at the end of the night, make sure you get home ok.  If they’re still around for breakfast, dub them besties.

(courtesy of someecards)

(courtesy of someecards)

Avoid Your Couple Friends
You love them every other day of the year, but on Valentine’s Day, we can admit our jealousy at their gooey-happy-lovey-ness really isn’t conducive.  It’s not that they are the enemy, they’re just clearly on the winning side.

And, honestly, they’ll be avoiding you.  Instead, relish your singlehood and laugh at them for being suckers.

Deny the Day
If you want to hole up on Valentine’s Day with a bottle of wine, a movie, and a box of kleenex, do it.  But a better idea would be to treat it as any other day.  Avoid the grocery store aisle with the candy hearts and anything that screams red-glitter-box-chocolate-flower-petal-madness; go the gym, read a book, whatever you would normally do on a Thursday night.  If that’s a drunken happy hour with your friends and a hungover Friday, then by all means, keep up with the ritual.

Be Your Own Date
This is for the ladies – throw on your favorite dress; you know which one.  It makes you strut without thinking about it.  If you don’t have one, check out Rent the Runway and indulge in some designer threads.  Plan an evening and take yourself where you want to go.  Treat yourself well, and it reminds you to accept nothing less.

If you’re a fella, well, there’s a lot of single ladies out there.  Just sayin’.

Happy Single Awareness Day

Happy Single Awareness Day (courtesy of Zazzle)

Celebrate Your Life
It’s easy to forget in the emotional ambush of “what’s wrong with you if you’re alone” but before you start questioning yourself, head straight for that thing or activity that you truly enjoy.  The one you do just for you, even if no one else understands or appreciates it.  Happiness comes from the inside and no one has the right to steal your joy.

If All Else Fails, Go See “Warm Bodies”
It’s a movie about a zombie who falls in love with a human.  Sure, it has some romantic moments that may twinge, but think of it as comical inspiration.  If HE can find love, there is definitely hope for you.


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