1. Elizabeth

    I felt the same way when I left the urban area and moved to the suburbs. For years my home was not where I lived, but rather where I moved from. It mattered little to me that I often drove round trip for 50+ miles every weekend, holiday, for every hair appointment or Dr visit. Then , one day, after about 5yrs, I discovered that I could have my hair done in the “Hood”. No, not the urban area that I moved from,but, the nice pristine suburbs! I had finally found a new home!

  2. Kate

    I had lived in Beijing almost two years when the idea that it was home finally clicked with me. I think what really brought it on was a two week vacation to Vietnam. I remember very distinctly saying to my partner that I really wanted to go home, and I didn’t mean my mother’s home, but ours in our city. Since then, we moved to Shanghai (which never really did feel like home, despite truly lovely friends), and now Berkeley. Berkeley started to feel like home when we bought a house here six months in – a pretty expensive way to set you mind up, but a comforting one nonetheless.

    I think you’re so right about letting yourself be open to the possibilities your new city offers. I was decidedly closed-minded about liking Shanghai, and that negative energy was surely felt by those I came into contact with.

    Also, Elizabeth – even in the four years we spent in Beijing/Shanghai, I still would wait to get my hair done until I was back in the States! Found someone here in Berkeley that I like though – maybe it’s a sign?

  3. melissa

    I do think getting your hair done in a new city can be definitely be a sign of a turning point! I finally gave in and started getting mine done in DC just last summer :)

  4. Melissa this is so great – I know exactly what you mean. How wonderful is the pride in knowing you’ve started anew and are rocking it, all through your own efforts. It’s such an ego-boost, and yes, perfect for attracting new friends!

  5. Really fantastic, so heartfelt. We had such similar experiences in DC. Even though I lived there for less than a year, I’m glad I got to share that time with you!

  6. cindy

    I completely agree with Melissa. Cutting your ties with your old hairstylist is totally the sign of a new era. I am still looking for a hairstylist in Bali… :(

  7. Justine

    Just like between people, I think with some cities we feel the “chemistry” between. It feels great to find a place you can call home.

  8. Lindsay

    Such an inspiring post and beautifully written! Makes me realize that I need to get out there and discover DC. I will…eventually… :) LOVE the quote you ended with.

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