1. Cindy

    Gorgeous photos and a beautiful post. I’m glad I was able to experience with you some of your eclectic parties in NY (and I think I know who the neuroscientist and cartographer are…). And yes, Justine, it is on your face ;)

  2. Justine

    Thank you for your kind words, Cindy! Haha, of course you know who they are ;) I love that we share some of our great moments together. More to come, I’m sure. And I wonder which part of my face exactly…

  3. Vania Tong

    Didn’t see this post till now! Justine, though my experiences aren’t exactly the same, i totally feel you on this one! Home is a very complex and ever-evolving concept!

    • Justine

      Vania, thanks for your comment! It is! And my thoughts are still growing and changing. It’s fun to reread what I wrote two years ago and wonder if anything has changed since then.

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