Wicked – An Experience Gift

Disclaimer: This post is not a review of the musical Wicked. You can find plenty of that elsewhere on the Internet. 

Instead of getting each other the latest gadgets for birthdays and Christmas, my fiance and I have established exchanging experience gifts from the very beginning of our relationship. Why? Both of us are minimalists at heart and want to avoid accumulating too many “things.” We prefer sharing new experiences together.

To be frank, as two people dedicating the majority of our days in tech, we would be interested in the latest tech gadgets (or, cameras). We also love cooking, so we would get nice cookware for our future home. While these are definitely thoughtful gift ideas, we feel that such gadgets constantly get replaced by newer technology.

Experience gifts work perfectly for us. These experiences become part of us. They don’t pile up in the house. Nor do they get replaced.

A couple of days ago, we saw the opening night of Wicked in San Francisco as a gift. It was his first time and my second time to see this musical. Wicked

We enjoyed it. Overall, the chemistry of the cast is so great that I experienced the ups and downs along the plot (which I already knew!) Having seen the New York Broadway version in 2008 and been very familiar with the soundtrack, I didn’t expect to be surprised by the show. I was. I loved Patti Murin‘s rendition of Glinda, the female character of the good witch. Her hilarious touch to the ditzy character was cracking the entire audience up.

If anything, I only wished the orchestra strings were not substituted by synthesizers, but again, many productions have to do so for a number of reasons nowadays. The orchestra did a wonderful job and sounded great, nevertheless.

Wicked is playing at the Orpheum Theatre until February 17. If you have an upcoming special occasion and are in need of an gift idea, go check it out.

Do you ever give experience gifts? What are some of your ideas? Share with us in the comments.

Orpheum Theatre
1192 Market St, San Francisco, CA
Jan 23 – Feb 17, 2013


  1. Cindy says:

    I love experience gifts! Because of receiving and giving them, I’ve been lucky enough to watch a Lakers game, watch Satyagraha (opera by Phillip Glass) at the Met, go on a weekend getaway island trip to Lombok, and so much more…

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