10 Things I Saw Today: A summer day in Milan

I’ve been working at my old University and it feels weird not being a student anymore.

This is what I see almost 9 hours a day. My computer. I feel super happy when, during the weekend, I forget about it and simply stay outdoors.

Had lunch in a park and I couldn’t help taking my shoes off.

Foooooood! Roasted chicken, mozzarella and basil open sandwich at That’s Bakery.

Summer is here all of sudden. After cloudy, rainy days it’s time to wear ballerina flats and short dresses again. :)

Gelato is different than ice-cream. Once it melts in your mouth you can imagine chewing pistachios or eating a strawberries salad. Yummy!

Mauro Leone’s ballerina flats. My obsession. Please buy me a pair!

Supermarket discounts. They are hypnotic. I always look at them, but never pay any notice to them when it’s time to buy.

These shops are rare now in the big cities. You can almost anything there. I love to get lost inside them, buying things I don’t need.

My boyfriend gave me a sewing machine for my birthday and I look forward to learning how to sew.

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