10 Things I Saw Today: Shanghai

Ten snippets of the city I call home, Shanghai.

Currently reading ‘Hunger’ by Australian food writer Terry Durack. It’s opening line, quoted on the cover, makes me smirk as I drink my morning tea.

Unlocking my bike to head for a meeting, I notice our building guard Mr Chen wore blue underthings and matching lace socks yesterday. His careful pegging method guarantees fast and thorough drying.

Passing by Huashan Green Space, I stop to say hi to this lady-in-white who was enjoying the fresh early morning with puppy Lolo, who sports a charming bejewelled collar.

This crane in Huashan Green Space is urrently working on new metro station.

This abandoned car on Wuyuan Lu, right by Godly, my Thursday lunch destination, has been hanging around for months and months now.

I peeked through a fence to discover a vast lawn and wonder if anyone is ever lucky enough to enjoy picnics on it’s green lusciousness.

Here’s a sign for dog that went missing on 4th January 2012. Did she ever make it home?

Colourful treasures lining the bookshelves of the quiet 1984 Bookstore on Hunan Lu where I dropped by for a browse.

Watching Raymond Depardon’s documentary film ‘Modern Life’, my cat Tam, based in Shanghai, has a chance meeting with Marcel Privat’s dog from the North of France.

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  1. Jeno says:

    That’s a lot of blue fabric to wear under your clothes. You must give the man some props for his efficient pegging method. I love the final picture as well. Thanks, Lauren!

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