10 Things I Saw Today: Sunday in Shibuya

Today, I ventured out to see what I could find. The sole purpose of the day was to find my 10 things. I found 10 things plus some. It was a great way to experience my neighborhood; it opened me up to experiences I might not have otherwise had.

This is Shibuya on a sunny Sunday in May. In film.

Did you know that there around 5000 people who are homeless in Tokyo? For the most part, they reside in makeshift tarpaulin tents, like this. Their poverty stands in stark contrast to the wealth and excess that characterizes this city.

Across the road from Mitake Park, where the previous photo was taken, is No. 8. This is where I come for my weekend latte or macchiato. Coffee by Bear Pond.

Pink Dragon: one of my favorite shops in Tokyo. Pink Dragon and its clothing line, Cream Soda, are relics of Japan’s rockabilly past. The Pink Dragon guys gave Harajuku, Cat Street, and the world, the Black Cats.

Vintage yukatas. I wish Japanese design was still like this: simple but bold.

This is the Yoyogi National Gymnasium — one of the many masterpieces of world-renowned architect, Kenzo Tange. Other notable works include the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Every time I see this, I “pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe” (Albert Einstein).

This is how I chose where to have lunch…

… and it was absolutely delicious.

The ubiquitous Yamanote Line. 29 stations and approximately 3.5 million passengers per day. Sometimes I feel like the green circle line is the thread that holds this city together…

This picture gives me strength.

Parco‘s summer advertising campaign.

After wandering around Parco, I met up with Yoshi and we headed over to Fuglen. Newly arrived from Norway, this place does seriously good coffee and original cocktails.

What a beautiful day. What a wonderful life.


  1. Caroline says:

    Looks like a lovely time of year for a Sunday stroll. I feel like I’m due back for another visit already!

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