Blue Bottle Coffee

One of my to-go places upon my move to San Francisco Bay Area was Blue Bottle Coffee because I heard people from all over the place raving about it. Sadly, it took me quite some time before I finally got to it. I kept on thinking that it was out of my way or that I missed the business hours, etc, but in the end they were all excuses. My two visits to Blue Bottle were split between Kiosk, located on Linden Street near Civic Center, and Mint Plaza. The only difference is that Mint Plaza is an actual coffee shop, so you may sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Now, about the coffee. Normally I am a black coffee drinker, but I went with a latte this time. Upon the first sip of my latte, I was smitten. The coffee beans were roasted nicely – not over-roasted which would give you the burnt and bitter aftertaste – yet the coffee was rich in flavor. I loved the milk they used (Clover organic milk), which was sweet and fragrant. The ratio of the steamed milk, espresso, and the foam was also perfect to my taste. It was just lovely. Our barista took pride in their latte-art craftsmanship too! The photo actually shows NP’s cappuccino from Kiosk, but I enjoyed it so much that I got it the second time at Mint Plaza. Needless to say, I am a fan. I find myself craving for Blue Bottle often these days and am already looking forward to the next opportunity in the city for a quick cup of Joe. Kiosk 315 Linden Street, San Francisco BART: Civic Center M-F 7-6, Weekends 8-6 Mint Plaza 66 Mint Street, San Francisco BART: Powell Street M-F 7-7, Saturday 8-6, Sunday 8-4


  1. Melissa says:

    Beautiful photos! I too, love Blue Bottle. My first time experiencing it was in Brooklyn last year and then again in SF at the Ferry Building. Last time I went home to California, I made sure to bring some beans back to DC with me :) Love!

  2. Cat says:

    Flying back to SF this evening and looking forward to Blue Bottle tomorrow! Definitely one of the little goodies I sent any visitor to the city home with… luggage that reeks of fresh roasted coffee beans.

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