Campton Place

I had the opportunity to experience a delightful tasting menu at the Campton Place in San Francisco. Even though it was rainy on the day, with a parking garage nearby it was easy to navigate our way to the restaurant. We waited at the hotel lobby until our reservation time, and were greeted by the host and led to our table.


Both J and I agreed that Campton Place would be a great entry point to introduce people to Indian spices. The dishes flirted with their Indian heritage, never over-powering the palate. This made it an ideal stop for someone concerned with the strong spicing of the traditional Indian-based cuisine.

We were served with naans as a starter – one wheat and one IPA with truffle, which were definitely a treat. Some of my favorites from the night included but were not limited to the lobster, black cod, and lamb.





The lobster was smoky, paired with Beaune du Chateau 1er Cru, Bouchard Pere et Fils, 2009, which was one of my favorites of the evening. The black cod was so tender that it melted in our moths. While the seasoning was on the mild side, the spice surely kicked in afterward. The lamb was perfectly cooked, and the Cabernet Sauvignon Laurel Glen Sonoma Mountain 2009 really accentuated it. The last course, mango with kheer ice, basmati crisp and jaggery was light, pure, and not overly sweet. It left me wanting for more. Overall, the tasting was wonderfully paired with wine that not only complemented the dishes, but brought out the best of flavors. It was our honor to enjoy Master Sommelier Richard Dean’s craft as part of our meal.

If you dine here, the wine pairing is a must.

Campton Place
340 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 781-5555

* Disclosure: All opinions are my very own. Thank you for having us, Campton Place!

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