Centennial Park – Linear in Nature

Let’s say you’re in downtown visiting Pike Place market or you’re in Lower Queen Anne for the Space Needle, either way, Centennial Park is very close by. Centennial Park is demarcated on one end by the Olympic Sculpture Park and shares the same street as Pier 56 (the very very touristy spot with the Seattle Great Ferris) by being on Pier 86.

So, if Centennial Park is so close to so many hit list tourist destinations, why not make a quick trip to Centennial? It’s shaped like a strip of space (looks like a Slim Jim in terms of area) lining the Puget Sound shore. It’s ideal for walkers, runners, bikers, and recreational fisherman. With 11 acres, its  4,100 feet of linear path is a delightful ribbon that weaves through an exercise station (do some pull-ups!), a small rose garden (summertime gorgeousness), huge grain terminal operations, and a 400 foot fishing pier.

Make it is a picnic or just enjoy the sound of the seashore calling you. Get to know that rocky beaches are spectacular too.

Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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