ConfitRémi Cafe-Bistro @ Taipei

Here is a small yet delightful cafe/bistro dedicated solely to the making of risotto. Located in the narrow lanes between the Taipei City Hall and SYS Memorial Hall, this cozy cafe always attracts a crowd before its beautifully lit windows.



In Taipei, all the more well-known, medium-priced restaurants are quite hard to go in without a reservation or a long waiting time. Me and my two girlfriends waited for around 30 minutes, which is not bad considering the size of this place and our spontaneity.

IMG_5763This was the salad and soup that went along with the set. Dainty portions but great taste.

We came here for the risottos, so we each ordered the three kinds of risottos that they had.


This was our favorite one – the Gongozola Risotto with asparagus and sauteed mushrooms. It looks a bit plain, but the texture was very rich. The cheese flavor is very fresh and creamy, and the vegetables balance it incredibly well!


Seafood Risotto with pink sauce. This contained a variety of seafood, including shrimp, fish, clams. Usually I don’t prefer tomato based sauces but this one was just right, not too sweet. (A lot of Taiwanese-runned pasta places tend to be like that)


And the last one, Risotto Nero! I would not order this on a date… no matter how delicious it turns out to be.

This cafe is located in a very nice area suitable to walk around after lunch or dinner. You can find various coffee shops, restaurants here, and the newly remodeled SongShan Tobacco Factory, which is the newest arts and cultural center in Taipei, is just around the corner!

ConfitRemi Cafe-Bistro

Telephone: (02) 2768-1106

Address: #5, Alley 2, Lane 553, ZhongXiao East Road, Section 4

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