Favorite Things: Creative Cartography


1. Lucius Art / 2. Studio KMO / 3. Restoration Hardware / 4. Best Made Company / 5. Reiters / 6. These Are Things / 7. The Map Shop 

One of my favorite things to collect on my travels are maps. My walls are adorned with the likes of London on a handkerchief, an NYC subway map, a shimmery world map. Now that I’m frequently away from home, I’m on the hunt for the perfect little piece of my own city. I love these modern interpretations, using beautiful design and typography to represent my favorite streets and neighborhoods. I’m especially enamored with Studio KMO’s nameless street grid, made up only of black ink lines, and Best Made Company’s “Everything Here is Better” series.


  1. Gemma says:

    I love to collect maps too Crystal!! I have a very old collection of one’s of Tokyo and some old axonometric + plan maps of my university…they’re so beautiful and intriguing! Thanks for sharing!

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