More than Macarons

Strawberry Field  No one would deny that there’s no place like Paris when it comes to the world of patisserie.  Most recently, the flawless and delightful colors of macarons have enticed people and their curiosities to haute patisserie. People willingly pay 1.50€ for two bites of pleasure from the marzipan and merengue confection.

Many travelers tend to congregate to the iconic establishments of Laduree and Pierre Herme on the Champs Elysees.  These are some of the busiest stores in the city and as a result they usually offer poor and overly rushed service.  You first have to stand in line with fellow dumbfounded tourists. You try to figure out what to order, in what language to speak and next thing you know the worker is in front of you- tongs ready in hand. More than often, you pay feeling some regret for having ordered too much or not enough, but there’s no way back. You exit.

On your next visit to Paris, indulge in sweets but stray away a little and please, try something else either than just a macaron!  Here goes a short list of my favorite spots in the city.  Enjoy!

Hugo et Victor is by far one of the most glamorous of the current patisseries in Paris. The store itself is worth the visit. They serve gorgeous sweets placed beautifully in trendy packaging.  It doesn’t get more Parisian than this. The products itself also stand up to its appealing design.  My personal favorite is their caramel milles fuilles which comes filled with a dense caramel ganache surrounded by a light caramel cream.  Pictured below is the Hugo Pistache and it’s also very tasty.


Un Dimanche a Paris nestled in one of the most charming alleys of Paris on Cour de Commerce Saint André is a sweet tooth’s paradise.  You’ve got a chocolate shop with excellent cakes and pastries, a tea salon and a full-scale restaurant.  It’s located centrally in Saint Germain and a nice stroll away from the Notre Dame.  It’s the perfect destination for any special occasion and surely worth entering to grab some chocolate.  Whenever I’m in the general area, I always enter to pick up the salted caramel bonbon.


La Patisserie de Cyril Lignac brings out the wondrous inner child. Everything in the store just looks so darn good and it truly is. Your mouth unknowingly starts watering and you gulp some air to help yourself from salivating.  I love their pate a chou praline trio.  The sweetness if just right, the texture spot on and the nutty touch of praline makes it perfect. Plus, you have 3 to enjoy! Unlike other pastry shops, La Patisserie also offers great artisan bread and most importantly, their croissants are excellent.


Patisserie Pierre Herme, yes Pierre Herme, but only visit his stores on Rue Bonaparte in the 6th or Vaugirard in the 15th. It’s only at these two locations you can see and taste his beautiful creations that run seasonally plus a few classics like the infinite vanilla bean tart, which is absolutely divine.  Currently with the peak of spring the display case is a strawberry dreamland!  All other boutiques only carry macaroons and chocolates so don’t limit your happiness.


All high-end patisseries in Paris have employees that speak English so don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Also, it’s best to first ask if you may take pictures, some boutiques don’t allow it, like Laduree and Hugo et Victor. Just remember to begin all interactions with bonjour

Merci bien!


  1. Isabelle says:

    This list is awesome. I’m definitely going to have to visit all of them in September. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jeno says:

    Isabelle, you’ll have your personal tour guide with insider tips :) can’t wait to finally meet you in person!

    • Isabelle says:

      What comes to mind is the quote from Up, “Hi, I just met you and I love you.” Thank you for your kindness! I’m looking forward to it!

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