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Herb and Lacelies! It’s been a while. How are you?

Much has happened since my last post, late May, Tokyo, Japan. I did return to Australia, but it wasn’t quite the reunion I’d expected. At the very last minute, a US visa that I’d long given up hope of receiving was granted… and all my plans of going home and belonging turned to dust.

So, here I am again, navigating a new city, country and culture: San Francisco, USA. It’s exciting and exhausting, like always. But, this time feels easier. I wonder why… Because American culture is so deeply familiar? Because I’m still at Gengo? Because it’s my 7th big move in 10 years?! All of the above, I guess.

Anyway, for the foreseeable future I’ll be coming to you from sunny San Francisco (that’s an inside joke, in case you were wondering). Quite a few of us write from here now so it will be interesting to see the different sides of the city through each of our different lenses.

Right now, my lens is “survival on a shoestring”. (Note to future self: Moving country is really bloody expensive!) Lucky for me, this city has no shortage of delicious and cheap food options. Here are my top 5 under $5:

Humphry Slocombe: Outrageously good ice cream in the Mission. My fave flave? Secret Breakfast (bourbon, corn flakes and cream).

Humphry Slocombe flavors by benchilada

Humphry Slocombe flavors by benchilada

Saigon Sandwich: In the heart of the Tenderloin, this hole in the wall churns out fresh, crunchy banh mi at an impressive rate. Yum!

El Gallo Giro Taco Truck: In my humble (and newbie) opinion, this truck on the corner of 23rd and Treat makes the best tacos in the Mission. They’re dirt cheap too.

Good Coffee: San Francisco has its fair share of good coffee joints, many of which are located in and around the Mission (my stomping ground). For a solid macchiato or cappuccino, I recommend Four Barrel, Ritual or Blue Bottle on Heath.

Yamo: Most meals here start at $6, but for just under $5 you can get some pretty amazing potstickers (gyoza) so I’m throwing it into the mix. Try everything.

Yamo by Keisuke Omi

Yamo by Keisuke Omi

Can you think of any others?


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