Gallery Cafe for Cat Lovers – AnHe 65

It was once a basement nightclub and now reopened as a restaurant/gallery space. A friend told me that three sisters had opened it together, one of them being a dentist and a huge fan of cats. Once, I saw two cats chilling by the large windows as I walked by.

Luckily, the Japanese artist Pepe Shimada, who is famous for producing amazingly adorable cat paintings, was inside having dinner and facebooking. I recognized him right away. My friend and I decided that after dinner we would buy mugs with his drawings and ask him to autograph.


The interior was much more spacious than I imagined. The walls are covered with exhibiting pieces, a variety of cat-related products you can choose, and also the dining space was very comfortable, not too crammed.


Now here comes the best part… they have three beautiful cats that roam around. Very friendly, a bit too sleepy though. We were lucky enough to meet all three; Louis, Shan-Shan (Chinese for three, because he was a stray found with only three legs), and last one unknown.


This was how I found Louis, enjoying a nice sleep curled up on the chair. He wasn’t even angry when customers came and poked him around.


Shan-Shan, the three legged cat. One of the servers brought him to us. He didn’t object at all.


At a certain point, probably right when Louis came to join us, the food really didn’t matter anymore. But here’s a picture of the pesto chicken pasta that I got.


He showed up at the very end, very playful cat with quite a character! He reaches one leg out first, then the other, and takes one hell of a big stretch.




(+886)02 2706-6565

An He Road, Section 1, #65

Taipei, Taiwan


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