Everything Tastes Better When It’s Free

I am asked often how I find out about local events, how I know random facts, and isn’t living in Hong Kong expensive?! But really, my life is a combination of a lot of randomness that somehow fits nicely in my planner… I’m most times just lucky.

Last month, I got the wonderful invitation to attend an all inclusive dinner for 8, ten courses for us to try for FREE. Daniel Arenas Tello, from Les Fils à Maman (meaning Mother’s sons), a new French bistro in Central District, invited a few of us for this amazing opportunity under one condition.

“Take pictures and post onto Instagram with the hashtag #lovevintagehk!”

Um. I can do that! Of course! :)


As one of their signature dishes, they presented us with 1 kg, I repeat, 1 KG! rib bone with oven baked potatoes that was meant to be shared among two. Really? It was huge. We had nice wine, great conversations, and although it’s true that everything tastes better when it’s free, I’m sure the meal would be just as yummy with a pricetag. My favorites of the meal were definitely the desserts :)


At the dinner, I met a food and fashion blogging duo (See Hungry David’s blog on the dinner here) and was accompanied with my HK Instayay friends. (Thank you Fhung for the invite!)

Another goldmine worth sharing is Twitter Drinking, a monthly meetup for social media folks hosted at different bars around town. FREE drinks in trendy, hip atmospheres, you must sign up! Lucky for me, the crowds have yet to fail me in interest level (It’s never boring!). I met a few folks in UX (user experience), my field of interest, and there are definitely a few expats, globe-trotters in the mix. 

And finally, I won’t know how it will turn out as I have yet to go but I will be a hair model for TONI&GUY, a UK hairdressing company based also in Hong Kong. How did this happen? I basically followed them on Facebook and emailed them my headshot! Anyone can sign up :)

So hey, even though Hong Kong might be the 14th most expensive city in the world, so says South China Morning Post – you can get away with some cool freebies. And after some thought, I finally have the answers to my frequently asked questions— they all refer to social media. So yes, thank you Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I like you, sometimes :)

Les Fils à Maman
LG/F, 75 Hollywood Road, Central
+852 2871 0045

Twitter Drinking
Location: Varies – follow @jmis22 and @hypercasey on Twitter, the #TDHK tag, and look for their Eventbrite page updates.

G/F, 15 Wyndham Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central
+852 2801 7870
Follow them on Facebook


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