Honolulu Night Market: The Cure to My Island Fever

I may be new to Hawai’i, but there have already been moments where I come close to island fever. Island life in Oahu, no matter how developed the island is, is something very unique to adjust to when one develops her interests and lifestyle in a metropolitan city.

I had good preparation for island life by living in Bali for almost a year prior to moving to Hawai’i, but island fever is altogether a different state that one in Hawai’i must become accustomed with. In Bali, I was surrounded by other islands that are just a quick ferry boat ride away. Plus, thanks to the fierce competition between local airlines and giant budget airline Air Asia, Indonesian domestic airfare is cheap, and I can always take a quick trip to my hometown in Jakarta any weekend without feeling guilty about my monthly expenses.

But in Hawai’i, anywhere away from here feels like an international voyage that takes away all possibilities of spontaneity acted upon an itching wanderlust. Your itinerary must be thoroughly planned in advance, your bank prepared for the depletion, and your mental state ready for the long flight ahead.

So what does island fever have to do with Honolulu Night Market? It’s a monthly block party that takes place in Kakaako, a part of Honolulu that is quickly becoming the urban cultural heart of the island. But what has any of that got to do with feeling stuck in an island? I will explain, I promise.

honolulu night market

Honolulu Night Market

At Honolulu Night Market, food trucks, pop-up retail shops, and local musicians, performers and artists all gather together to showcase their work and maybe sell some of it to the community, who is all too eager to support local brands.

honolulu night market

honolulu night market

In a nutshell, it is a public party that was started by a small group of creative idealists to which seemingly only hipsters would go, but has since grown to a large, diverse community event. And now people of all ages and all backgrounds come together to see various types of arts and crafts projects being done by others in the community.

Pinch of Salt - Honolulu Night Market

But more than just that, Honolulu Night Market is the place where I feel like I am least in Hawai’i, hence why I enjoyed it so much the two times I have gone. Everything I like about Honolulu Night Market is tied to all the things I used to take pleasure in while living in a city: the food, the fashion, the people, the creativity, and the vibrant energy. They were all present, though limited to just several hours and contained within a vicinity of four blocks.

By no means is that a complaint though, because that’s all I need to keep the island fever at bay! The rest of the month, I’m still having a wonderful time frolicking in white sandy beaches and basking in amazing panoramic views atop various hiking vista points. I’m in Hawai’i, and no island fever is going to get me down about that.

Honolulu Night Market
Monthly at Auahi Street, Kakaako District

Photos from Honolulu Night Market: ARTrageous

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