Have iPhone, Will Shoot – #Instameet Denver

Communities of Instagrammers around the world have been gathering to shoot together over the past few weeks for the worldwide Instameet. For readers who are scratching their heads, an Instameet is where Instagram users gather together at a predetermined location and wander around taking photos. Denver was lucky enough to have its very own #steadbrookmeet organized by Adaeze of @ColoradoInstagram, bringing photographers together from as far as Fort Collins.

Everybody met up at menswear store Steadbrook on a crisp Saturday morning, where we all caffeinated up and admired each others’ cameras. I was pleasantly surprised to see almost 30 people there! Who knew there were so many photographers in the Denver area? There aren’t many events that bring us together, especially since Denver is still a sprawling city where car is the primary mode of transportation. It was great to meet people of all ages and backgrounds from around the metropolitan area.

A snapshot of us all playing around on our phones. It’s editing time!

We had decided to walk around the Baker District of Denver, which is a little like the Brooklyn (NYC) or the Mission District (SF). There are a lot of eclectic shops, boutiques, restaurants and dive bars along the popular stretch of South Broadway between 1st and Alameda. My personal favorite is Happy Coffee, because they often rotate in Four Barrel coffee from San Francisco (even though I live in Denver, I still call it home). A second favorite that my roommates and I love frequenting is Denver’s best ice cream shop, Sweet Action. This neighborhood is my favorite in Denver because of its walkability (you can tell I’m from the city), density of tasty restaurants and fun boutiques.

Feeling happy at Happy Coffee.

Our group walked around looking for walls with personality, colorful foliage and unique spaces. Instameets are fun because you can be your true photographer self. Folks stopped in the middle of the street, freely asked others to pose for them, and funniest of all, spent the majority of the time glued to their phones – which is a faux paus among any other company.  One of the guys bought some party favor smoke bombs off Amazon, and we had a ton of fun playing around with them. The white, purple and blue colors were the most noticeable, although all of them only lasted for 5-8 seconds so you have to snap quickly. I got this amazing shot of some purple smoke:

Purple wisps of smoke from fun smoke bombs.

All in all, it was a very fun experience! If you haven’t attended an Instameet yet, I highly recommend them. It’s a chance to get your creative juices flowing by scouting interesting locations, posing people, and looking for unique perspectives to shoot from. Props always make for a fun time, and it’s easy to get lost in acting like a wonderous kid again.


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