Intro to the “Transitory Tales” Series

For 20 days on Herb & Lace (H&L), starting today, twenty voices will share their romance with their current home in our special “Transitory Tales” series.
Our community of global citizens and local editors will be sharing with us when they first  flirted with the idea of moving out of their comfort zone into new territories, any obstacles they encountered and how, why they stayed (or left), and the interesting people they met along the way.
For some, these cities store memories from childhood to adulthood. For many, it is a “home” they created out of chance, opportunity, or careful planning in someplace once foreign to them.
These include Americans living in cities like SeoulBarcelonaPragueWashington D.C., and San Francisco; Australians living and thriving in Shanghai and TokyoItalians and Hong Kongers who left and returned to their hometown.
For those with an appetite for new experiences, I invite you to join me at 10AM daily.
P.S. “Regular” content on local adventures and insights will be more irregular this month. Follow us whichever channel you prefer: Twitter, Pinterest, Weibo,
Illustrations via Grain Edit (Edward McGowan)


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