Mexico not just tacos and narcos

Druglords, murders, and tacos, those are probably the first things people think about these days when they think about Mexico. That’s the image that gets reported through the media, anyway. There is some truth to it. We do have lots of narcos, and we do eat a lot of tacos. A lot. But Mexico is so much more than that. I want to show you my Mexico. Not Mexico through the eyes of tourists or expats, but from the perspective of someone who is actually born here, from someone who speaks the language, who understands how people think, and why the behave the way they behave.

I’m not much of a writer, so instead my posts will be mostly photographs, video, and audio. Like this, for example. This is the sound of something I hear outside my window every day around 7pm. It’s the sound of the tamalero promoting his tamales.

Tamales (mp3)

So imagine a man riding around on a rusty tricycle loaded with big pots. And on the front of the bike he has a bullhorn shouting a recording saying: “Hay ricos y deliciosos tamales oaxaqueños. Hay tamales calientitos”

Translation: “We have tasty and delicious Oaxacan tamales. We have warm tamales.”
*tamalero, a person that sells tamales***
** tamales, — is a traditional Latin American dish made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper- thanks wikipedia

During the day I hear so many more sounds coming in through my window, like the gas vendor shouting gaaaaaaas, or the garbage men walking up and down the streets ringing their bells, or the musicians playing outside the restaurants down on the street. I will try to record them all for you.

Oh, I love the sounds of my city. And what about yours, what does your city sound like?


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