Nightlife in Cap Hill (Capitol Hill)

Nightlife in Seattle is not as glamorous as Las Vegas, upscale as New York City, or varied as San Francisco.  It’s Seattle –  a bit of grunge, a speck of glamour, some clear pockets of class, and still absolutely fun and fabulous. Just because it’s cloudy and drizzling doesn’t mean people don’t go out for a night on the town. Capitol Hill is a young, hip neighborhood of Seattle. It’s denizens range from urban crawlers to young professionals to even suburban families (they’re on the outskirts of area). On Cap Hill, it is bars, dance floors, cafes, shops, and restaurants galore. Here’s some of my experiences:

Grimm’s: No cover. Downstairs is a sitting and bar area. Upstairs is the Butterfly Lounge with a bar and dance floor. Depending on the hour of the night, the dance floor is open and/or has cover. Typically crowded on Saturday nights and has a line outside. Line is reasonable and you’ll probably get in within 10-15 mins. Chill place.

Barca: No cover. Two floors, downstairs has a bar and upstairs has a bar. Tends to be very crowded downstairs and you’ll either stand or try to find a table upstairs. Reasonably priced drinks.

Paquitos: No cover. It’s actually a nice Mexican restaurant with a huge bar and fireplace. I like to hang around the fireplace.

Capitol Cider: No cover. The upstairs is a more restaurant/bar area and downstairs is the bar with a game room. All different types of cider and all different types of games (i.e. board games, shuffleboard).

Garage Billiards: No cover. Sign up for a billiards table and bring on the beer. Bowling alley lanes and billiards are all available for nightlife.

Neighbours Nightclub: A gay club and pretty much the only thing open past 2am. You still need to get your dance on even though it’s past 2am? The default catch phrase you’ll hear around town is, “Neighbours? Yeah Neighbours.” There is a cover though. I hear “Let’s go to Neighbours” all the time.

Linda’s Tavern: No cover. Just your regular old bar with drinks and seating. Hang out with your close buddies here to catch up and chat. Dark and super chill. Relax and just do it.

Party hard in Cap Hill my friends. It’s a good place to be.

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