Quiet Afternoons at Novo Coffee

If you were to try one roaster’s coffee in Denver, you’d be hard-pressed to find a coffeeshop that doesn’t offer Novo Coffee as part of its rotating selection. They’ve recently just opened their own brick-and-mortar spaces in downtown Denver, one of which is a few blocks from my gym and is great for those weekend days when you want to get a workout and some work done on the same day.


Their coffees are sourced from Africa, Central/South America, and the Pacific. Novo practices direct trade coffee, which is the process of developing a direct relationship with growers and sourcing beans directly from those growers.


The view from outside – in the summertime, the door is lifted and a fresh breeze blows through the space. There’s a variety of seating, from the bar stools to outdoor tables to a communal high table in the center. The ambiance is inviting and cleanly decorated, with a mix of metals and woods – and some small succulents scattered around the place.


The baristas use the best equipment for brewing, and it’s impressive to see the amount of detail and care put into each cup. I ordered a simple Americano since I had to get some work done, but usually on the way to work I’ll pick up a cortado, which is equal parts espresso and milk. As someone who bores quickly of a large amount of liquid, I find that a cortado is the perfect size and taste.


Novo is open until 6pm every day except Sunday, and serve pastries in addition to wine and beer. They also do complimentary cuppings every other Wednesday for those wanting to learn more about how a good cup of coffee is constructed. It’s one of my favorite haunts in Denver for those days I want to spend some time off the grid with a good novel or journal.

P.S. Happy Pi day! Treat yourself today and have a slice of your favorite one.


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