The Cactus Jungle

I love plants and gardening, but the combination of a small apartment and frequent international travel makes it difficult to maintain a lot of greenery in my home. For that reason, I’ve gravitated toward succulents and air plants as my indoor garden plants of choice. My windows are adorned with jade, aloe, string of pearls, and many other beautiful yet bizarre potted succulents. Not only are they aesthetically exciting, but they’re also incredibly low maintenance–they thrive in Berkeley’s moderate climate and only need to be watered every other week or so.


A few of my succulents

Fortunately, in Berkeley I can find new additions to my indoor garden at the Cactus Jungle, a lovely little nursery that specializes in succulents, cacti, and other drought-tolerant plants perfect for California’s weather. You can easily lose an afternoon wandering around the nursery, exploring the beautiful plants, chatting with the knowledgeable staff, and playing with the two resident whippets. In addition to selling plants and gardening supplies, the Cactus Jungle also offers classes, garden design services, and beautiful gifts such as succulent wreaths. It is without a doubt one of my favorite Berkeley businesses.

cactus jungle

The Cactus Jungle

Cactus Jungle Nursery and Garden

1509 4th St. Berkeley, CA 94710 (Nearest BART stop: North Berkeley)

(510) 558-8650

Mon – Fri  9:00a – 5:00p
Sat – Sun  10:00a – 5:00p



* Photo two by electroBZR on Flickr.

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