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Amusing posters hidden in every corner

Inspired from the late El Bulli‘s innovative creativity, Tickets Bar has taken tapas from its humble origins to unbounded imagination.  When Ferran Adria, the infamous Catalan chef decided to close El Bulli planning for Tickets began, alongside with his brother Albert, who led as the pastry chef to the former restaurant. The result is the ingenious brainchild of El Bulli and a glimpse into the wonders and artistry of Ferran Adriá.


The concept is simple- tapas, which are by definition “small Spanish savory dishes typically served with drinks at a bar”.  Bars in Spain are a place of every day refuge.  You stop by for a quick bite, to meet a friend or simply because you can.  You order a glass of wine or a cold beer, you snack on some olives or share a plate of bravas with company.  (On more about tapas, check out this previous post)


Adriá achieved to extract this simplistic beauty of tapas but into the most luxurious yet playful experience. As soon as you walk in you are greeted warmly as if you were a regular.  From a distance the interior design and colors seem nothing out of the ordinary but you look closer and you discover beautiful combinations and unique details in every corner.  An illuminating open multi-station kitchen elegantly spreads throughout the establishment.  The customer and cook are unconsciously together. It seamlessly connects. The quality of all the products are absolutely exceptional.  Instead of a fork you use custom made chopstick-like tweezers and many things are simply picked up and enjoyed with the help of your fingers.

Here’s a sample to our 3-hour thrilling culinary journey.

table setting

It looks like an olive, tastes like an olive but it's not an olive.

El Bulli’s “Olives” – it looks like an olive, tastes like an olive but it’s not an olive.  You gently crush the “olive” in your mouth and an unexpected POP explodes then a silky olive liquid gently runs down your tongue

A delicate brioche with 4 different kinds of cheese and specks of truffle

A delicate flat brioche oozing with 3 different kinds of cheese and specks of truffle

Tuna Belly with Sea Urchin

Tuna Belly with Sea Urchin , need I say more?

A crisp air bag filled with manchego cheese mouse topped with hazelnut "caviar"

A crisp air bag filled with manchego cheese mousse topped with hazelnut “caviar”

It was absolutely divine!

Oysters with tarragon oil and olive oil pearls – absolutely divine!

Cheesecake "apricot" with lemon sorbet and fresh pear

Cheesecake “apricot” with lemon sorbet and fresh pear

Love Tapa Love

Love Tapa Love

Reservations are booked months in advance but I hear you can get lucky by calling to check availability.

Tickets Bar
Avinguda Paral·lel, 164
08015 Barcelona, Spain
+34 932 92 42 53
Metro: Poble Sec, green line


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